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but what Nicodeem had ferretted out, was a plot, scarcely believable, that the
factors themselves let the plague run rampant on Aglaia, the better to weaken it
and put the city of Ithaca on the rise. if his informers were right, the serum
was destined for a secret clave of factors hidden in the wilds outside the city,
and was proof from the spore infection which followed every encroachment by the
luetic creatures.

the greened, weathered tiles dimpled twice, sending dust and cracked mortar into
the air before Nicodeem jumped and realized he was being shot at. the poly had
already rolled away and was running for the door_Nicodeem yelped and yanked the
trigger of the pistola, shredding his cloak and felling Murgo with a staccatto
burst. Murgo squirted blood and struggled to one knee, whipping a monoblade
around and facing the shadow standing in the door.
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