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Originally Posted by KILL TULLY
Hey mate, well if you don't have a trem-bar (like a floyd rose) all you have to do is a: unwind them from the headstock, and slip them out of the bridge. b: cut hte mother fuckers and remove each half from the headstock and bridge respectivly.

on anothe rnote, how many of you really string your guitars properlly and how many take the lazy half or maybe one full rotation of the tuning knob? I myself do it the lazy way...for shame

That's the problem. I managed to get them out of the headstock, but they're like jammed into the bridge. I have them out of the headstock, so I pulled on them, but no matter what they won't come out. Should I unscrew the screws near them? I tried but they screws are in TIGHT and I already partially stripped the screw.
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since when do women know anything??
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That's insulting. They can make sandwiches and iron clothes. You should be ashamed.
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