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Originally Posted by johnmansley
Another point is, who decides whether a tab is complex? A beginner may find even the simplest Metallica songs complex and award complexity points accordingly. Maybe the best way to implement this would be to have a separate complexity rating system (from 1-5 in the current system) that would then act as a multiplier on the accuracy rating. I think that maybe this would be the easiest method of implementing extra points for difficult and complex tabs.

I like the idea of the rate of multiplication being psuedo-exponential, ie, the multiplying factor increases by an increasing amount with each step up the complexity scale. As an example you could have the following complexity system and the relevant multiplying factors:

Complexity rating - multiplying factor (increase upon last multiplying factor)

1 - 1.00
2 - 1.10 (0.10)
3 - 1.25 (0.15)
4 - 1.75 (0.50)
5 - 3.00 (1.25)

Obviously, this has two main drawbacks:

1. To get these multiplying factors, Nomad would have to implement an exact formula which will yield all sorts of fiendish numbers as multipliers and this could lead to confusion on how the multiplying factor is calculated. Do most 13-14 year olds even know what the exponential function is? However, I believe that a rounding system would nullify this problem.

2. You would still get beginners rating a song like No Remorse with a 4 or 5. This drawback is harder to eliminate without a moderator imposing his own opinion on the distribution of votes, ie, discounting higher complexity votes for obviously simple songs. However, I'd like to think that a realistic average would be attained if voting carries on as it has in the last week or so, even with the input of none-the-wiser beginners.

Who decides whether the song is complex wouldn't be a problem the way I propose it because it's all part of my panel idea. There simply wouldn't be newbies on the panel, perhaps newbies to the forum, but definitely not guitar newbies. Also, I'd have to be against a 1-5 complexity scale as well, it'd have to be 1-10 in my opinion. Otherwise bands like Suffocation, Atheist, and older Monstrosity would have to be 5's because they are too complex to be 4's, which is an obvious travesty when compared to real 5's like Necrophagist or some Watchtower. In a 1-10, those bands would fit in a 9 niche just nicely, probably 8 for most newer Monstrosity.

It would also naturally go song by song, not band by band. If it goes by band, then anybody could just pick a typically complex band like Monstrosity or Suffocation and tab out an uncharacteristically easy song like "Fragments of Resolution" or "Catatonia". How complex this song is wouldn't be decided by the entire panel, it's head, or it's mods, but, rather, whatever individual panel members happen to vote for the tab.
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