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alright. say you have a beat going, which never changes tempo. different measures may change time signatures. for example, say a riff is played all the way through, and it happens to be 4 measures long, like this:

| 2/4 | 1/4 | 2/4 | 1/4 |

1 2 1 1 2 1 < if you were counting it, you would say that.

that is a simple example. and in that case youd probably wanna just use 2 measures of 3/4. But if you get really complicated with it, like say youre playing the riff all the way through, which is 3 measures:

| 11/9 | 4/9 | 7/9 | < some bullshit like that would be hell. but surprizingly changing each key signature, each measure would be easier than making the key signature 22/9 right? cause then youd have to count up to 22. and imagine writing that? i cant even write it the first way.

all metric modulation is, is changing a key signature in a song. im sure there are many definitions that get all technical and sound different than my definition but thats basically it

If youre doing some techniqual riffs, definitely try using metric modulation to make it much easier to play, count, understand, simplify, and write it.

if a key signature changes during a song, i think you could say 'he modulated metrically' or 'he used metric modulation when he changed key signatures' i think thats how youd use the term anyway. this is long but hopefully it will help.
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