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Originally Posted by johnmansley
I agree with Chris when he mentions that complexity should be taken into consideration but how this would be integrated into the scoring mechanism I don't know.

EDIT: Whoa, Darkenelf has shot into the lead! He's put on 40+ points in 24 hours.

He's not the only one. My score has jumped back up from like 15 to 30 in the past 3 days. Maybe now instead of jerks who randomly give us all ones, there are jerks going around giving us all fives... no, no, I jest, 'tis a joke.

BTW, I totally agree about the complexity thing. Well, not totally, because I don't want to see things divided. I just think it might be nice for there to be extra points involved due to a particular song's complexity. I'd much rather be recognized for my hard work on songs by bands like Watchtower, Suffocation, Atheist, Monstrosity and the like as opposed to the insanely easy stuff I've done like older Cannibal Corpse, post-1994 Deicide, and Nuclear Assault. Like I said, I prefer the idea of extra points rewarded as opposed to other people being penalized for tabbing easy stuff, unless, of course, it's Anal Cunt. Anybody who wastes their time tabbing Anal Cunt should get all 3's.

Also, another thing I feel strongly about is the tab ratings changing from 1-5 to 1-10. I love the range of 1-10. This way you can give the tab the exact rating you think it deserves. In the 1-5 system, you might think a tab is worth a 9, which would translate to 4.5 Since there is no 4.5, you'd have to either lowball the guy or fellate him unnecessarily. Now, let's say the tab already has a rating. Let's say the rating is 5. Some people would be tempted to give the tab a vote that would purposely skew his whole total to what they think it should be by giving it a 4, making the total 4.5. This is wrong. You should always give the vote you think is fair, and not give the person a lower or higher vote in order to skew his entire total for a song.

Like I said, I have a lot of ideas. I'm sure I have more yet that I've forgotten to mention, when they come to me, I'll be back.
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