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Damn... I forgot to introduce several points entirely. My mistake. Anyway, they mostly revolve around voting efficiency.

Voting efficiency would be acheived by implementing a system where votes register to vote for certain albums, bands, or tunings. For example, I don't listen to Nasum and never will. Therefore, I won't ever vote for a Nasum tab. On the other hand, I do listen to Morbid Angel. Thusly, I could volunteer to rate any Morbid Angel tabs. Now, there are more specifics involved. For example, Morbid Angel's albums and songs come in several different tunings. Perhaps I listen to Formulas Fatal to the Flesh a lot, but I might not be tuned that low, and it might not be possible for me to tune that low with my strings. On the other hand, I'm already in Eb. What does that mean? It means I should register or volunteer to rate tabs for certain Morbid Angel songs tuned to Eb.

Now, how exactly would this work? I'm not entirely sure. It could be something as simple as anytime a tab is posted, somebody volunteers to rate it. It could also be more complicated, but my limited knowledge on web design and coding doesn't allow me to elaborate. I have the ideas in my head, but don't really have a way to articulate it. I'll try anyway.

As an example, there could be a drop down list similar to the drop down list presented to you when you are going to submit a tab. This could be divided similarly to the submission list, for example, band, album, and song. One obvious difference here is that on top of listing every song, there should also be a list on the bottom that represents every song on the album, in case you want to do the whole thing. Another idea is that there is a blank space similar to the space you copy and paste your tab into upon submission, and on this list you type out each song on a particular album you're willing to rate. This would make it easier for somebody who is willing to rate 6 out of 9 songs on an album, because they can't click on "Whole album/every song/all", but they still won't have to go back to individually register every song.
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