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Originally Posted by nomad
I wouldn't mind if you post your ideas here

Okay. Some of the things I'll mention have probably been mentioned before by both other people and by me, so just bear with me here if I get redundant. I've got a bunch of random ideas, you can decide if you like any of them.

First things first- we need a panel of voters. Yes, that's right, a group of people selected to vote for tabs. Now, this idea has many, many options. The biggest question here would be who exactly comprises the panel, right? Well, there are many different ideas here. One option would be that only qualified tabbers could be on the panel. Another option would simply be that you have to be registered to the forum in order to be on the panel. You could also come up with certain requirements. Let's assume for a moment that you would go with the qualified tabber option.

Well, first off, what makes them qualified? There are a lot of options here. You could base it on the number of tabs the person had submitted, or the quality of that person's tabs. This area is probably limited, so lets move on to the idea of general forumers being selected to the panel.

There is a lot more room for options here. I feel that there would need to be certain restrictions here. The restrictions could be based upon many things, including post count, age, or how long they've been here. I think how long a person has been here is more important than either post count or age, but any combination or all three could prove to be worthwhile restrictions. There should be no limit to the number of people allowed onto the panel.

There are other options here, as well. For example, how does somebody become part of the panel? I think it would work better if people weren't automatically selected to the panel, but rather, if they either asked to be allowed in or are invited to join by members of the moderation staff and the existing panel. This would help ensure that only quality voters are allowed in. Naturally, this whole idea could be shaky at first, but would steadily improve and prove it's worth.

I think a new forum should be created to accomodate the voting panel and any problems. For example, if, after the voting panel is already put into use, somebody should still have a problem with people coming in an giving him all 1's, he should be able to voice his concerns in this forum, which should be addressed by a moderator. Perhaps it might also be worthwhile to acknowledge a hierarchy within the voting panel, perhaps there could be a head of it or several people acknowledged as managers or, since this is a forum, perhaps as panel moderators.

Now, people need to be logged in before they can vote, that's a given if you like any of the ideas I've presented. Now people need to know who voted for each tab. How would this work? Well, there are several ways it could work. It could work so that anybody could see who voted for a tab. It could also work so that only members of the panel could see who voted. Perhaps it could be made so that all members of the panel can see with the exception of the tabber himself, if he happens to be part of the panel. Some tabs really are 2's and 1's, so if it's a legitimate vote, perhaps we'd be better off not knowing who gave us a 1, as some of my fellow tabbers are quick fickle folks who might tend to change their opinion of somebody based on how they voted for them. Another idea is that those who are allowed to see the votes would be based on the proposed hierarchy, for example, perhaps only the head of the voting panel can see who voted. A better idea might be to allow all moderators of the voting panel to see.

I have another strong idea for this panel that I like, but admit might be unnecessary. This idea would be for people to explain what they liked or didn't like about any given tab they have voted for. This would ensure that people were legitimately familiar with the tab they are voting for and not just voting for arbitrary or frivolous reasons.

I think the biggest plusses for this idea are that #1. only people who are registered here can vote, assuring that jokers can't just come in from google and fuck around, and #2. somebody or everybody on the panel would be able to see who voted for each and every tab, which would drastically cut down on the number of people who vote out of spite or as a joke.

Another idea I have is that, once the voting panel is implemented, all votes are stricken and we start anew. This would level the playing field, so to speak, to those who unnecessarily view this as a competition of sorts.

I'm very interested in hearing what you think of this. If you like the idea, feel free to add your own ideas, and you can PM me if you want to hammer out any details. I do understand that even if you do like this idea, it would take quite a while for you to be able to implement this. If it is too complicated or unfeasible, perhaps we can dumb it down, so to speak.
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