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Originally Posted by Father Death
we should add a seperate list of top 20 sorted by total number of tabs as well. basically i'm just scared i'm gunna be knocked outta the list soon, which is a damn shame considering the total number of tabs i've done. most of which are actually of good quality too.

Hahaha, don't be so worried my tabbing comrade. I got knocked out of the top 20 when my score dropped from 30+ to 10.7 overnight. Why worry about how people vote? The voting is arbitrary at best. I'm sure the voting format will be improved, as I do understand Nomad intends to improve it. For now, though, you might as well ignore it. People will vote badly for many different reasons. Some of them will give you a bad vote because they can't play the song you tabbed and feel the need to blame you for their own inadequecy. Some of them will give you a bad vote without even trying to play your tab. Then there are the infamous voters who just give you a bunch of 1s either as a joke or because they are mad at you and think it will bother you. When you take this seriously, you are allowing them to annoy you.

I have my own ideas that I would like to suggest that might improve the tab rating system, but since this thread isn't really for that, I'll save them to myself for now.
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