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i just had a conversation about stainless with my boss, might be good

i was refering to lnconel in that last post, its a variation of different nickel alloys, i believe, amoung other things its the wire used for mig welding, the weld isnt actually the same metal as the structure, i could be wrong so, if your more familiar with welding, by all means, enlighten me, ive only used a mig a few times putting alot of splatter down in my short time with it

another thing is that it may be inconel thats used for only nickel based steels, this is another thing that may be true, idont know, the only thing i do know is that when forging a piece of steel that has a mig weld on it, the weld itself heats up much quicker,becomes more brittle than the steel it binds

either way, i know people who can cast metal,but they dont have the facilities,thier shops are more blacksmith,welding orientated,if i could find someone with a shop that could produce a cymbal, that might be a tempting idea in the future
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