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hmm Yeah well, I don't like the Zoom effect stuff for bass, but what pedal did het have? the 506I, 506II , 507 or the BFX 708?

those are the most sold models from Zoom, but they are all plastic pieces of crap that turn your sound into mud (like I said I am the effect master I tried them all)

The EBS effects are REALLY good even compared to Boss, Boss makes the most heavy duty pedals of them all but the EBS pedal equal their strenght but sound a bit better due to their noise-suppression system.

Roland makes Midi-pickups for 4,5 and 6 string Basses, it's the BK2 (of GK2 or something) pickup, same kinda thingy like the guitar version but then for bass, It operates thru the V-bass, roland's huge midi effects system.
it doesn't look expensive (the V-bass) but it has great sound and midi makes things possible you could only dream of. (if you like playing organ on your bass that is haha)
I think analog effects are the shit together with the new COSM boss pedals (gt-6b) but I think I'm gonna stick to analog after all because of their true-bypass and their sound characteristics.
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