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Originally Posted by amerok
That url was too much to read. Basically metric modulation is when you have different time signatures alternating each measure. Say the first measure is 3/4, then the next measure is 7/8, then back to whatever.
Bands like Dream theater do this a lot. Metric modulation makes writing actual notes much easier because you dont have to break down say 3/4 common time into something that would sound like 6/8.

i admit, the url was quite confusing, but i am completely stumped by that.

would i be right in saying its using a riff that could have two time signatures
to go from one to the other or change tempo

you could play a steady note, and count in 4/4 (16th notes) and then keep playing the same speed, but count 4/4(triplet notes) instead.
thus speeding up the tempo?
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