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My Pimp EVH guitar

I bought a crappy starter strat on ebay about 3 years ago. It had pretty much been collecting dust for the past 2 1/2 years until I decided to do something with it.
The first thing I did was take out the bridge single coil pickup and put in a humbucker I had laying around. In that process I cut off most of the face plate (all but where the knobs are).
It was until I had a licensed floyd at my disposal that I started to do stuff to it some more. I took off the old bridge and started to drill some holes for the floyd to go into.
I put the bridge plate in there-
Then I set the floyd in-
After that, I went and got me some black and white electrical tape and started taping-
Pretty cool huh?
I set it up and... Fuck.. The action was so bad. Heres what I mean- - Its a bit blurry, but that thing at the top, thats the string. The strings mustve been atleast 1 cm above the fret at the 12th fret.
I sent it to the guitar doctor and he shimmed the neck to fix the action. Now its playing just fine.
Before- (note, this is not my actual guitar. My guitar is some peavey strat)
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