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I have plenty of avatars I'm never going to use that are sized just nicely for this forum. Anybody who cares to make an inquiry can PM me.

I also wanted to say- holy fucking shit, I can't believe the avatar size was smaller at one point. I've only been using avatars on this forum recently (although I've used them elsewhere for years), so I never noticed. 65x65 is decent enough to work with, though, now that I think about it.

EDIT: When you say smaller avatars, do you mean pixel width x height or do you mean smaller file size? If it was smaller file size, that wouldn't have been much of a problem. Hell, if Nomad changed the file size limit to 10kb but upped the pixel size to 100x100, that would kick infinite ass. I just cropped and reduced the size of a random pic to 100x100 and the file size came out to 3.92kb. They're not all going to be that size, but I'm sure even 5kb wouldn't be an unreasonable file size limit. Of course, I'm not sure how bandwidth works, so I have no idea how well this could work from his end.
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