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Nu-metal in my definition has...

- Whining singer, who can growl like a 10-year old child, and sometimes he raps too
- One DJ (optional)
- 16/32/64 hit-hat rhytms combined with repetative high-pitches (optional)
- No giutar solos
- 3-4 riffs/a song
- Lyrics about their "messy" life, when they were children
- See them very often on TV
- You can always find their CDs at any CD-store
- They are overrated
- Their musical technic is at a pretty low level
- At least two or three songs from their every CD includes such words as 'Fuck' 'Fuck Off' 'Motherfucker'
- Short hair (expect for some new band, I forgot it's name...)
- 5-string basses with using only 2 or less strings (optional)
- Their shirts are mostly wore by 8-16 years old kids
- Has 9 members (optional)
- Their singer is their frontman
- The singer's biography overwritten by some specialists.
what written: Poor childhood.
what it really means: He was not as rich as Bill Gates nowadays.

what written: His daddy used to be an asshole, and raped him.
what it really means: His daddy sometimes shouted on the kid.

what written: Learnt to play his instrument for 7-8 years.
what it really means: He played first a giutar 7 years ago...

what written: Being in plenty of high-school bands.
what it really means: He helped to bring the band equipment from one place to another.

what written: Influenced by Iron Maiden, etc. etc..
what it really means: He saw once 'Number Of The Beast' on TV...

That's a typical nu-metal band...
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