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even cymbals made of titanium or aluminum would have problems beyond their ability to withstand abuse. a cymbal that wieghts 2 pounds<as would be with titanium,probably your average crash> would wobble uncontrolable, then you factor in price. aluminum from what i know of track racing bike frames tend to fold around you if you fall over while on one. they simply are not strong like bronze. a wierd exotic space age reinforced alloy would cost too much to want to leave the house with. stainless steel would wieght too much i believe<not sure on that one>.

i guess bronze is our mainstay for now, if you really want to know thier real worth take them to a scrap metal salvage yard and have them appraised. this is why i dont buy splash cymbals, only marked down second hand rides, more bang for your buck. sorry for the long posts
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