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i live in a artist/loft space in a 100 year old textile mill, up above me is a few wood shops,glass sandblast shop, screen printing shop below me is pewter figurine sentrifudge casting shop<they make those dungeon and dragons figurines, i shit you not>, metal working shops, more woodshops, a bong shop,shipping and recieving shit,discount furniture outlets and a flea market, most other tenents are either hardcore carpenters or masons or students who graduated from the most prominent art school in the country<RISD> with entire departments devoted to casting,sculpture,metalurgy etc.
i gotten to know a few people around here in my 3 years here, got to learn a few things from the viewpoint of builders,craftsmen,proffesionaly trained artists. people whos word and knowledge i prize

i forgot to cite <ancient>egypt as metal working geniuses worthy of mention, ever see the gold coffin lid of tut?, fucking amazing
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