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bronze is one of the most brittle metals on earth,a combination of copper and tin, all metal has a threshold,nothing it impervious to vibration cracks,dents,heat etc

those titanium cymbals are only plated, the reason why i know, they are heavy,titanium is only as strong as stainless steel, its value is due to its light wieght

all bronze is cast in a mold, nothing longer than a speartip is every forged direct,the whole bronze era came from the advancement of casting methods,not forging. the whole "hand hammered" series of various cymbal companies lents itself to be more of a gimmick, any claim of lost "long lost ancient cymbal making method" is bullshit, its all cast,casting methods are better due to machine automation not hocus pocus alchemy shit, and the fact that some guy took a cymbal out of a cast and beat the cymbal with a ball point does not qualify "ancient method", and in any way that suggests its any different than an automated press speced up to make sound grooves, it wont last longer, it makes no difference

zildjian even makes the claim of putting silver in thier bronze mix<they still tarnish>.the quality of bronze can only be determined by how much the alloy has been recycled<i dont know how this is determined by sight>,most sheet metal around today has been recycled many times and probably was produced around WW2, thats when the world steel production went thru the roof in iron mining, production, output,cymbals made of sheet metal are probably the most recycled, low cost form of metal short of rebar

any cymbal company referencing the ottoman empire and constantinople,which both zildjian and sabian do are totally full of shit

the turks were very good at bronze casting, but not cymbals,cymbals already came to be,were already advanced just about to thier most sophicated method centuries ago, they used bronze for the production of a new invention around the 1400's, siege cannon, they also drained the world market of copper and tin thruout the 15th and 16th century to wage jihad on europe and the far east,they were desperate for bronze, they even took the remians of the colossus in Roades to make cannon, a civilization at the time very tolerent of conquered peoples,laws,costums,archeticture,monuments<they only became cruel during the 18th and 19th centuries> cymbal makings most dramatic advances in ancient times before the industrial revolution come from china and india,period.

just clarifying, i know blacksmiths,metalworks and people who cast bronze, and im well read on greek,turkish history because im a greek, zildjian and sabian are good companies, make good cymbals, they just fabricate myth for advertising, all cymbal advertising is usually complete bullshit, they will never make an unbreakable cymbal, it will hurt thier profits. a good idea is to make a cymbal out of reinforced aircraft aluminum, or pure titanium, but even these will not be unbreakable
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