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I'll give it a try........

Nu-Metal: Very repetitive music. Seems the writers don't really care much how the song sounds....wether it's 3 minutes or 7 minutes, there's never more than about 3 different riffs. Your intro, verse (which is usually almost the same as intro) and then a chorus. Solos (seldem found in nu-metal to start off with, but some bands like Godsmack make an effort at least) are very simple. Sometimes no more than about 5 notes, played slow, with a digital effect to make it sound "hard" to play.

Just about any nu-metal band's albums are similar from their first to their last. Bands such as Godsmack, Distrubed, Static-X all play in Drop-D form, which has been adopted by 99% of nu-metal bands (which is why most metal fans hate that has ruined it). When using this tunning, only things played are power chords and palm-muted open strings. I hardly ever see any nu-metal bands doing some fast picking on single notes. Just slow power chords (slow enough, compared to death metal) and they never seem to pass the 7th fret.....they only use the first few frets and power chords there......i guess they don't feel the need for variety.

I think one of the best examples this year of nu-metal is a song by Project Wyse. I forget the song name, but the chorus is repeated about 100 times (no joke) throughout the song...actually it takes up about 80% of the song, and it's just the same chords played with the 2 rapping singers screaming "jump jump jump scream" or something like that. When i first saw this video, i nearly threw the tv down on the ground......i couldn't believe that such childish, stupid music would actually been signed to a label and played on national tv.

Anyways........that's how i view sucks, but that's why so many teens love it.
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