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i actually do stress the fingers slightly, and that post was more about the moeller guy, becoz i thought that approach was interesting, i just mentioned they demonstrate other ways, didnt say i agreed necessarily with the french way<this was the one i was tortured with, the one i hate> or the military way,so on,but hey it may work for somebody, i liked the german way myself<which seemed more of a straight wrist way, maybe not a hundred percent but close>, i should of also mentioned the geekmaster demonstrating the "open hand technique" doing left hand lead stuff as making it more interesting,freeing the hands up to move about the kit comfortably,not something i necessarily do since i like crossing hands at faster tempos but maybe worth a look. and he stated each grip way was just a mere difference in emphisis of speed or rudiments,draw your own conclusions

2b is killer, i once bought a pair of 2bs that just taper slightly to the end, no tip whatsoever, the company logo wore off and i dont know who makes them, took forever for one to whittle away, i think they were oak too, absolutely fuggin fabulous, wish i could find another pair like them
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