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Holly shit I'm flattered.

How long has your friend been playing for and how often does he practice? Does he have a teacher?

To even out the right and the left hand (reverse for southpaws):
You don't need a metronome for this.RLLL or RLL, start slow, then build up speed,when you get to the top speed (not as fast as you can go, but as fast as you can go without it sounding sloppy) hold it as long as you can at that speed and slow down, and go back again and again.

To work up speed and stick control:
Do this with a metronome. Play 4 eights and then 8 sixteenth notes and repeat. Make sure it's even.

Stonebreaker, the speed/endurance exersise:
Do this with a metronome.Play 16th notes for 4 bars of each of these:
This is not only for speed, but it helps you sustain those speeds for longer periods.

When you work with a metronome, pay close attention to it - a lot of people crank a metronome in the background and think they're in time while they're not paying any attention to the sounds and play at whatever speed they feel like while the metronome does it's own thing in the background, while they think they're hot shit and they're in time.

If it hurts to play, slow down and play with less force, and possibly re-look your technique. A slight sensation is okay, but if it full on hurts, it's better to relax than to push yourself.

There is a lot that comes under the tag of speed - in the same package there is also accuracy and endurance. Without those two speed is useless. You can twitch at high speeds all you want but it won't sound good. Also, if you can't play at those speeds for more than 20 seconds, what's the fucking point? Take your time and let yourself learn naturally without a hurry - yeah, there are some great exersises, but if you don't practice them often, they won't work. Always come back to the basics, even the most advanced drummers practice their rudiments.
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