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well the last thing you want to do is start screaming and messing up your chords... Sing, get better at it, learn how to breathe (projecting and controll), and the more you practice all the right techniques the better you'll get overall. Growling should be a secondary thing you do after you learn atleast the bassics of singing, Alexi had some training (he recounted, and you can clearly tell), but nothing like any serious vocalist would do.
So, get some bassic vocal training, learn a few tips on how to practice breathing, your notes, and preparing, and that's all you'll need. After you get pretty good at this start implementing growling, on a moderate level, don't push yourself too hard if you want to keep your voice. Then use all the things I listed earlier, and you'll be fine. I did all of this, and am glad to be able to do a large variety of singing styles, and keeping my voice healthy.
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