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Yes, I used a small distortion through my mixer when we covered "Needled 24/7" (the singing only part) and "Children of Decadence". Make sure that the distortion is controlable on how much distortion you can have it on there, also, you can feed it straight to the PA if you're using the regular mic plug (not the fat three holes one).
Now, if you only have the distortion on which you can not controll how much of distortion is put out then you might want to flip it on and off on sertain parts of the song that you want to, it'll sound dull if you have it on all the time. And you are right about using distortion, in moderation (small film of distortion), that's what gets your growls a little smoother, getting rid of the hoarse sounding gutteral sound. ALso, reverb (should already be on your PA) helps with this aswell.

Anyhow, glad to help you, no one helped me like this when I had to learn it all... made some mistakes in my past, heh.
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