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Originally Posted by rabbifoodslicer
thats funny cuz you cant even spell noob but im done. wait didnt this used to be an opeth thread????

Actually, cuntmold, the term "newb" or "n00b", or for you non 1337 folks "noob", comes from the word NEWBie, meaning new person, not NOOBie, you waste of amniotic fluid. Go back to the hole that spawned you, because if you are inbred to think that the fucking word was really spelled noob, then i think your grandpa might have had intercourse with the raging cuntbeast you call your mother well past the third trimester. Goddamn cum-glistening, rectum-shaving, plumber-sodomizing, dry-erase cockstuffing, pile of seminal fluids that should have been in your other daddy's asshole...
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