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Man, im dumb!!! How could i forget this.
Lame child-story besides:
When i was young (about 8-9 years) i thought dutch means german, because it was spelled quite the same. So ive choosen all the time Dutch in games and not german.
This BTB looks cool. I like the finish where you can see the wood of the top more than full colored or transculent colored tops. Anyhow it seems to be more serious for me, than a red or purple bass.
If you cannot decide between Stingray and BTB, then look for other basses. I like those little bass brands. Perhaps you can get there a bass with the pros of each bass (stingray and BTB) and for less money than to get a custom shop of these two models. It seems that you have some money, because you could afford a BTB Prestige or a Stingray. Perhaps you can afford such a modell, too. Brands like BassCollection or Boerjes (Ive read a review of a 6-string. Must be a breat bass).
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