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Originally Posted by Rapture
You, sir, are a good argument for the legalization of murder.

Originally Posted by Rapture
you're a fucking idiot. this thread is like a big petition to legalize.

Originally Posted by Rapture
I didnt say it was CALLED a big petition to legalize post-birth abortions, i said it IS one, you fucking waste of carbon.

Originally Posted by Rapture
You posting in this thread depreciates the name Opeth. As i have previously stated, you are a fucking waste of carbon. Just die.

I love you... in a way. And to Rabbicockmeister, please just chill for a good while, As funny as i think it would be if you got banned after 50 posts, I would still have to say just shut the fuck up with your half-disses for a while.
If im not back in 15 minutes...
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