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You and the rest of the people there are missing the point of my friend's trolling. He hates Luke because of his huge ego and how he displayed it in the Misery Index fourm. He is not actually that stupid, he udnerstands proper grammer, but is just making fun of most internet people who type like that. The whole point is he finds it hilarious you, and the rest of the people there actually take him seriously and get pissed by him and think he is really that stupid. The funny thing, is he seriously wants to fight luke, and he could easily beat his ass, and he fucking shreds on guitar, I'd put my money on him if he went up against luke in guitar-off of sorts. I go on there and laugh when people post stuff repling to him and think they beta him in an intellectual argument when he is just acting like a jackass. I'm afraid YOU and everyone else there besides Severed Savior and the dudes from Decrpit Birth suck because you were all dumb enough to take it seriously, the 2 mentioned bands know whats going on, hence why he has yet to be permanetly banned.

I deleted the 2 e-mails but, i'll get my friend to fwd them to me again. They basicly say how Luke has never kissed a girl and how he is really this ultra shy looser in real life. He takes 3 days to record 15 seconds of a song because he is so sloppy. Vile only used him because they couldnt find anyone else and they hate him as much as anyone. There was a bunch of other stuff i forget right now. I'll post both e-mails once i get them again.

I can't wait, Luke is seriously going to get the shi beat out of him when he plays the east coast. Even if he doesnt, my friend who is doing this is trying out for Severed savior and has a pretty good chance of getting in. Mike Said the video he said him was 10x crazier than anything else he has gotten so far. So Mike is just waiting for his actual audition video to come in the mail. That wuld be some shit if Luke lost the SS position to two teenagers...
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