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Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
basic super strat shape is the best. You can play it like a V sitting down(just rest it on your left leg and elevate you left leg), and standing up, its just as perfect. Yes, its opinion but I just cant see how someone can say that the Beast is easier to play sitting down than a strat. I own a BC rich guitar, one of the body art ones, its pretty shotty. The tuners are shit, its really hard to get it in tune and have it stay in tune. I know yours has a floyd so that makes it different.
I've seen some REALLY bad looking pieces of ebony used for fretboards on some NJs - I'm not saying yours has a shitty one, but I saw this one.. It looked like freaking rosewood (which makes me wonder if its actually ebony, they say it is) and the grain was really odd.
But bottom line, I really dont like Bc Richs unless their custom, but if your gonna get a custom guitar, get a custom Ran ~$2500 cheaper
Anyways, You like the guitar, thats all that matters. I dont own a guitar of which I payed more than $300 dollars for (I own 9 guitar BTW). I've spent much more than that overall on my guitars fixing them up. Because thats what I like to do. But basically, You like that guitar now thats cool. Just, someday I'll bet that you wont be happy with it anymore.

You would have to know how I position the guitar while sitting down to understand my opinion. Honestly, i don't think i would ever get tired of this guitar. For me, it just plays too well and has a killer look IMO. The fret board on my guitar is quite nice, the wood looks great, and i know its not rosewood. Personally, the only brands i would buy are bc rich, and jackson. I like the unique body designs, but thats just me. I know a lot of you guys prefer the classic look and thats cool. but for me, the crazy looking guitars suit me better.
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