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haha yes we are the rules of this forum now

uhm it is pronounced, Dutch = niederlandisch.
ein niederlander = a dutchman.

that's it.

Yeah I know tribal tech, fucking asome playing..

hmm that warwick does look nice to me, but I like that 3-d Bridge idea with schallers better (good call there man)
I don't know about the headstock, the standard warwick headstock looks like a turd on a stick hehe
Oh man I think I don't know what bass I will buy anymore. I'm confused, I tried a BTB a while ago and it left an impression on me. Instead of the stingray it was new, had 24 frets onstead of 21 it had a beautifull wooden finish, it was a BTB515. It was absolutely fabulous.

look at the attachment below, it's also a BTB, nice finish on this one... Maybe I'll go Ibanez, I don't know. I like the neck of the BTB a lot. the sound of the stingray but the electronics on the BTB and the finish of the BTB is cute. the stingray is a cultthingy but I don't care about that I just want what's right.
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