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Youīre right about the German-History.
Although we have still enough of those right-winged people!!!

That would be cool, to play with you.
A German and a Netherlands (fuck how are you called? Germany - a German; The Netherlands - ?) doing a bass jam in a NL (same problem: Netherlandish?? ) bass-store, where people like Flea and Gary Willis (do you know tribal tech?) played. Man, thatīs fucking crazy.

That store has really to be awesome!!!

They had a test in this magazine, but they said nothing about the price. Itīs not in regular production, but it will. Iīm sure it will cost much. Itīs Warwick.
It will have: "4-stripes" maple-neck (the maple on the top of many Les Pauls. Donīt know the name) with 26 (!!!) frets; Ebony-fretboard Itīs a neck-trough-body. The body is made out of mahagony with "cloud-maple-top"; Active MEC J-Humbucker neck PU and a MEC Double-J Humbucker in the bridge position; active MEC 2-Band-EQ, which can be put out with a poti. Chrome Hardware, Gotoh-tuners; Warwick-bridge-combination; normal ???, so no Schaller security locks .
You will find some other suggestions for the dreambass But donīt ask me where!!!. There are some ridiculous ones.

Hey *Def-Fx*, the bass zone is ours!!!
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