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Originally Posted by Cattlefan#1
It's all about preference dude. You think the beast is uncomfortable to play sitting down. In my opinion, the weird shaped bodies are the only kind of guitars i can play sitting down with. As strange as that may seem, thats how it is for me. If i cant be comfortable sitting down playing a guitar, then its not worth it in my opinion. I am not gonna be standing up all the time playing. I dont get poked at all, but thats just me. I love my nj beast, and i think b c rich guitars are hella worth it if you get the right ones. not all of em are top notch quality, but its all preference. if you like em, then you'll buy em, if you dont, wont. simple as that. yeah about the "made in korea" mine says the same thing. but its an nj, and i love it to death, it plays incredibly well \m/ \m/

basic super strat shape is the best. You can play it like a V sitting down(just rest it on your left leg and elevate you left leg), and standing up, its just as perfect. Yes, its opinion but I just cant see how someone can say that the Beast is easier to play sitting down than a strat. I own a BC rich guitar, one of the body art ones, its pretty shotty. The tuners are shit, its really hard to get it in tune and have it stay in tune. I know yours has a floyd so that makes it different.
I've seen some REALLY bad looking pieces of ebony used for fretboards on some NJs - I'm not saying yours has a shitty one, but I saw this one.. It looked like freaking rosewood (which makes me wonder if its actually ebony, they say it is) and the grain was really odd.
But bottom line, I really dont like Bc Richs unless their custom, but if your gonna get a custom guitar, get a custom Ran ~$2500 cheaper
Anyways, You like the guitar, thats all that matters. I dont own a guitar of which I payed more than $300 dollars for (I own 9 guitar BTW). I've spent much more than that overall on my guitars fixing them up. Because thats what I like to do. But basically, You like that guitar now thats cool. Just, someday I'll bet that you wont be happy with it anymore.
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