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Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
A beast, Comfortable?!?!?!?!? I fucking hate beasts because how UNcomfortable they are. My cousin has one, damn, when you're playing sitting down its fucking impossible not to get jabbed with a horn. Even while standing up you'll occasionally get poked.
I'd say its more safe to say NJ up is acceptable. I was playing a what appeared to be NJ Beast at a guitar center. It had the fastback heel, speed loader floyd, priced in the same area as a NJ. I looked on the back and it said MADE IN KOREA

It's all about preference dude. You think the beast is uncomfortable to play sitting down. In my opinion, the weird shaped bodies are the only kind of guitars i can play sitting down with. As strange as that may seem, thats how it is for me. If i cant be comfortable sitting down playing a guitar, then its not worth it in my opinion. I am not gonna be standing up all the time playing. I dont get poked at all, but thats just me. I love my nj beast, and i think b c rich guitars are hella worth it if you get the right ones. not all of em are top notch quality, but its all preference. if you like em, then you'll buy em, if you dont, wont. simple as that. yeah about the "made in korea" mine says the same thing. but its an nj, and i love it to death, it plays incredibly well \m/ \m/
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