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Originally Posted by Cattlefan#1
honestly i see nothing wrong with bc rich guitars and it sucks that everytime someone brings up the words "b.c. rich" people go hog crazy with insults. you people act like little kids. the guy asked if bc rich was worth it. a simple yes or no would've been fine. i own an nj beast and there is nothing wrong with it. i love the feel of it and it is an awesome and comfortable guitar to play with. of course the bronze series may not be very good, but they were made for people on a budget, and for beginners and shit. not to win any prizes or anything. yes whoever said platinum and above would be fine, thats true IMO. but if you cant afford one, and want a bc rich, then you'll probably end up getting a bronze series.

A beast, Comfortable?!?!?!?!? I fucking hate beasts because how UNcomfortable they are. My cousin has one, damn, when you're playing sitting down its fucking impossible not to get jabbed with a horn. Even while standing up you'll occasionally get poked.
I'd say its more safe to say NJ up is acceptable. I was playing a what appeared to be NJ Beast at a guitar center. It had the fastback heel, speed loader floyd, priced in the same area as a NJ. I looked on the back and it said MADE IN KOREA
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