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Originally Posted by Cattlefan#1
honestly i see nothing wrong with bc rich guitars and it sucks that everytime someone brings up the words "b.c. rich" people go hog crazy with insults. you people act like little kids. the guy asked if bc rich was worth it. a simple yes or no would've been fine. i own an nj beast and there is nothing wrong with it. i love the feel of it and it is an awesome and comfortable guitar to play with. of course the bronze series may not be very good, but they were made for people on a budget, and for beginners and shit. not to win any prizes or anything. yes whoever said platinum and above would be fine, thats true IMO. but if you cant afford one, and want a bc rich, then you'll probably end up getting a bronze series.

Most stock B.C's are hit or miss, just like Epiphones. Once you replace a few parts on the few good ones they work good however, but for the greater part most just junk. You must have got a good one because if you had a rotten one then you would hate them. I've played many POS in my time and most modern B.C's top them all.

and nice Kahler on that guitar, phil.

Edit: I would like to say that I love B.C. Rich guitar. I really do, but I'm saddened by what they have been making as of late. B.C's were the shit only a few years before they started making them out of cheap crap and changing part designs. I don't know why they did it but I still love the once great guitars they made; just in case anyone thinks I'm biased against B.C's. FYI
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