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Originally Posted by BLS
How is the 6505 ugly??? Its just a 5150 with the traditional peavey logo...

Anyway's anyone who judges an amp by its looks is an idiot (of course this isn't an isult directing at you.. so no need to get your panties in a bunch)

but yes that supreme looks dumb, sounds as bad as it looks too.

that logo is retarded looking.... i think they should slap 6505 where the 5150 used to be and keep the same kind of peavey logo that was on the 5150... honestly though, i think the newer logo things are dumb looking.

i'm not saying i judge amps directly on how they look... some people think bc rich guitars are cool looking... i think %90 of the bc models are retarded looking... but i have played SOME bc's that were actually pretty decent if not good guitars as far as how they sound and play.

the xxx, is a great amp, just as good imo as the 5150s, but those fucking mudflap chicks and stuff make it look retarded. i'd be redoing the cosmetics...
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