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In a band with a name undecided.... but Acrimonious MudShark seems to have been generally agreed upon. People who've heard Zappa would understand that one...

We've got a very strange sound, coz everyone listens to different types of music. Im mainly into metal, bunch of my friends are into punk but they've heard and appreciate the greatness of metal (bass player loves it too). The music we play is neither full on metal nor punk though, which is strange. It's just stuff we wrote, i reckon it rules.

We have the growly vocals goin on coz our singer, she's got balls. She plays guitar too, bloody good at it. Awesome bass player, a drummer that beats the hell out of the drums in an excellent way (shes very insane on the drums, its kickass), and me with guitar doin lead.

Yet to record anything other than tapes which sucks, but we have shitloads of tapes. We're in the process of sending them off to Uncle Phil who I've never met but is a legend. (hes in a band called the conrays, ive never heard the band properly, but yeah, he must hear the music we make coz he'd appreciate it).

First gig is comin up in april. It'll rule. Must film it, coz it'll rule so much.
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