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haha cool, so you can speak dutch, that's good man, that's good.

you seem like a really nice person, I mean, lots of people don't treat people from other countries nice, and your right about foreigners, and many people don't like germany because of the war. I think this is stupid, it's not your fault that some silly fucker wanted to conquer europe. Maybe some people did like it back then in Germany but the biggest part didn't I guess.
and moreover, what the fuck have you got to do with it? you weren't even born back then. I don't think people should disrespect people from other countries this way, it's stupid
but I'll make an exception for the French guys (eheh)

īs Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) and īs Gravenhaage (Den Haag)

I can't even pronounce those words right!
's Hertogenbosch and 's Gravenhaage are uhm like the old names of those cities, that's really Old-Skool!! hehe

I know Germans have a bit of a weird accent but not many Germans know Dutch, last year I went on holiday and met two girls from Germany, which where really cute haha, their dad drank all day long and was very kind to me and Setdown.

WOW man that warwick bass is cute!!
haha I want it bad!
most of the time I don't like their model shape but this one is really beautifull!
how much will it cost? (probably to much for me..)

If you're going to visit bassmatters in Nimwegen please give me a sign, maybe I can go there also, I wanted to check the new stuff out a while. and I have finally finished my exams. I can go there by train. maybe we can have a jam session
ohyeah if you're in that shop you'll be amazed, those guys had private lessons when Gary Willis was there, they had a lot of famous bass-guest, like flea and so on...
I hope they'll have another cool workshop soon.
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