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Originally Posted by low-tech
make your own practice pads, ive done this since i was 14, frame it out, all you need is a circular saw and a screwgun. a couple strips of 2x4 and 2x8, use mouse pads as skins, just never use hammer and nails for tiny bits of wood, and with a screwgun you need to use a drill bit to predrill where your screw is going so you get no wood splits. you can design it however you want it and with a screwgun you can change it after its built.

usually id just make a snare and kick and focus on different stuff on the pads, like rudiments and hand speed as opposed to beats, if built well it will be sturdier than anything you can buy also if you get good at it you can stain the wood make it last forever.

if you know nothing of carpentry or basic framing it doesnt matter, just visualize what you want, draw it out and try it,try many times, it'll come along

i cannot stress enough the importance of the crafts woodworking,electrical,mechanical etc. so many people pay others for what amounts to small amount of know-how to do it themselves


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