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Originally Posted by brainsforbreakfast
Recently, I'm writing a bit of viking metal songs, though I'm wondering if there is any theory or scales I especialy should use. I guess the major scale is used a lot in the more "heroic" songs, but could anyone give me some pointers?

(p.s. I'm just a eeny-bitsy more read than an complete theory n00b)

I'm only writing viking metal song... there is not really a theory or a certain scales u can use. If ya listen to known viking metal bands, you can hear there patron they use, do some improvisation, make your own riffs, and there ya go, you have a great viking song.

i could post some riffs in guitar pro and post them here, so you have an idea.
i have one riff at post your own riffs, there is a viking riff there.

if ya need some more details, private mail me, or feel free to reply.

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