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would it depend on the person if you took karate lessons from a guy who's never fought a fight in his life, would it depend on the person if you learn any trade by people who arent journeyman, those whom have applied experience instead of credentials. whos word would you trust more?, a historian or an archeologist, in thier given field. would it depend if they were a nice person? one guy actual digs the dirt, anylizes the artifacts first-hand, the other reads about the people who dig, sees the artifacts in a museum

at 14 i couldn't make the distinction between a proffesional and an armchair general,a weekend warrior, and yeah i learned how to play basic beats but all the advice, all the technique was total shit and i suffered, i had to relearn all the theory, all the technique i embraced with this man ive since done about the exact opposite, if its elitist to warn others than so be it, im older now and if i want to learn something i take seriously i want the most qualified mofo available, not just a nice person, i've learn to cook japanese food under a vicious tyrant chef, endured his scorn, unending criticism,he is one son of a bitch,but the fucker knows his shit, hes been doing it most of his life, and i respect him very much

i'm also taking ju-jitsu,kickboxing lessons to unlearn all the years of useless strip-mall karate,wing-chung i experienced at a young age, which falls under a similiar principle
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