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I think it realy takes practice to realy get you up there. Taking lessons is a good idea to train your voice for some of those higher pitched notes, and then as you progress you'll probably need some lessons to help your sustain and variation, also learning the proper way of breathing (was a major help for me...).
As far as just screaming high notes, it takes practice, everyone sucks at first (unless you're born with that kind of voice). After a week or two I got pretty good at hitting the higher notes, although my yells aren't as powerful as some other people I know, but I can hit similar notes to them (with more practice I'll get there). Breating, like I said earlier, realy helps if you know how to do it properly, so lessons for this would be great.
Well... I'll confess, lessons in general are a good idea, so it should never be overlooked.
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