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the "flip his wig" comment is kinda an expression here in the states......not a literal flipping of the man's rugpiece

i took lessons for a year about 12 years ago from a berekely music grad in the boston area<jazz/fusion buff,50,000$drum major education, music degree, alot of people you see in modern drummer had spent some time there at some point in thier career as teachers and studio dorks or students>and im still trying to unlearn most of the shit that i was drilled with and he was preaching as scripture,he could only express a burning hatred for thrash metal and hardcore, grind wasnt even known then to these guys, if you like your teacher,cool, just beware the fire and brimstone of a guy with a music degree,30 years old,still lives with his mom, owns a 40 piece drumset, never toured in his fucking life, let alone under an indie label with no support whatsoever. i was 14 and looked up to this guy. he's still there at that little drum shop,still talking about neil pert, the "black page" by zappa, replaying horrible fusion musak noone listens to....
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