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Originally Posted by atifman
if you select 2 eighth notes and play, let's say you hear 5 notes in that span of 2 eighth notes. 2 eighth notes = 4 sixteenth notes. That's 5 notes in the space of 4 sixteenth notes, i.e. a quintuplet. put down 5 16th notes in your powertab, select those 5 notes, hit 'i' on your keyboard. you'll probably see 6 in the space of 4, so just change that to 5 in the space of 4. and there you go, you just figured out a quintuplet

Just wanted to point out that the above is not 100% correct. Just because 5 notes are played within the span of 2 eighth notes does not make it a quintuplet. All 5 notes must be played with the same timing.

For example, you can have a 16th note, a 16th note, and a 16th note triplet .... that's 5 notes in the span of two eighth notes, but it's not a quintuplet.

Your method of figuring out fast solos is pretty good though, I just wanted to point this out in case you overlooked it or made a typo.
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