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Originally Posted by gear head
Nope, I use the Grunge 24/7. It gives me the exact sound I am looking for.. actually, it gives me more distortion than I need, so I gotta turn it down a bit.

oh right, because the amoutn of gain is directly, no wait, entirely tied to tone now... i must have missed that memo.
Originally Posted by gear head
As far as rack's go, people that need 'em, that's cool. Hey somebody's gotta serve Burger King. For me, I don't need to hid behind a ton of digital processing to leave a few jaws dropped. The same guys with the mountain of rack gear behind them are the same ones that stare at their feet all night instead of checking out the girls in the audience.

you are an ignorant fuck...

how can you tie working fast food to having a rack? did i miss something?

my rack right now consists of a preamp, poweramp, and a powerconditioner.... i'm not hiding behind anything... it's the same concept as a head. racks can be very simple or very complex...

as for the shoegaze comment, who cares if you're staring at your fucking feet or some skezza's ass? music is music..

and fyi, the most common reason people pick racks over pedal board for fx and enhancers, to ELIMINATE the "SHOEGAZE AND TAPDANCING" god came from the heavens and blessed us with a beautiful thing called midi. you can control multiple units at the tap of one switch... for example, my midi controller, can switch presets on my jmp-1, tunring off a chorus effect, turning on a delay, reverb, and flanger on the fx unit, plus say a midi eq for shits and giggles...
so on a pedalboard you'd have to hit the footswitch, hit the chorus pedal, hit the reverb pedal, hit the delay pedal, hit the flanger pedal, and hit the eq pedal.

Originally Posted by gear head
The head is a KMD. It has zero personality but it's very loud. A few simple effects and you can't hear yourself scream in the same room with it.

never heard of it... but i could name countless amps that i can't hear myself scream over... it's called a volume knob, if you turn it up, it gets loud.

Originally Posted by gear head
It's too bad that you all seem to care about how much something costs..HAHAHA idiots. It's too bad, I was hoping for constructive discussions..HAHAHAHA.. wow was I wrong.

who said anything about it has to cost alot?...

kid, you need to grow up.... you want to talk about "constructive discussions" then you fucking rant on about retarded shit that makes no sense for no fucking reason. you're just making yourself look like a jackass.

Originally Posted by gear head
It's all "rack this and rack that" and "my dick is smaller than yours"
Well I'll let you get back to The Apprentice, fantasy football league and your discussions of " who can beat who playing guitar"
P.s. good luck with your future in the custodial arts and writing songs for your fat girlfriend.
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