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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
you obviously didn't have a very good rack setup...

what kind of head is that?...

eewww the grunge pedal.... please tell me you only use it for lo fi grit sounds?

Nope, I use the Grunge 24/7. It gives me the exact sound I am looking for.. actually, it gives me more distortion than I need, so I gotta turn it down a bit.
As far as rack's go, people that need 'em, that's cool. Hey somebody's gotta serve Burger King. For me, I don't need to hid behind a ton of digital processing to leave a few jaws dropped. The same guys with the mountain of rack gear behind them are the same ones that stare at their feet all night instead of checking out the girls in the audience.
I'm not putting down anyone's choice in gear, to each their own.
The head is a KMD. It has zero personality but it's very loud. A few simple effects and you can't hear yourself scream in the same room with it.
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