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Originally Posted by gear head
You can tell by my setup, I work with a minimum of gear. I used to have all this rack shit... it just made my sound "plastic." So I sold everything but my head. Bought a Marshall 4x12 and used a couple of my old FenderBandmaster cabs to flush out the sound. The one of the right has 2x12s the one on the left has 2x15s. For pedals, its just a Grunge distortion, cheap delay and a Morley wah. (not as smooth as a Dunlop, but what a great variety of sounds you can get!). I have a flanger coming next week.

you obviously didn't have a very good rack setup...

what kind of head is that?...

eewww the grunge pedal.... please tell me you only use it for lo fi grit sounds?
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