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A long time ago i seen a band called Agiel open for Cephalic Carnage. The guitar player had his strap so high it almost looked like his guitar was chocking him. I thought "what a loser! Can't even play with his guitar low?! He ain't cool!"

Of course i thought this BEFORE they started playing. Once i saw the guitar genius jumping around and shaking his head everywhere while doing 8 finger tapping RIFFS (not solos), i thought maybe there's something behind having your guitar a little higher than your knees. This guy turned out to be the best guitar player i had ever seen up until this past year.

I used to wear my strap as low as it could go, which would put my pickups around dick height. Then my friends and i started a band, and i became the singer, and not being able to look at my fretboard 75% of the time made things difficult with my wrist being perpendicular to my arm. So i brought the guitar up so that the pickups are probably between my belly button and my belt buckle, and since then i've been able to play faster and better. I've tried going lower and i can't even do it anymore.
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