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Transient basically had the good advice I would have given, I've sang clean all my life and just recently got into a death metal band and taught myself how to growl and scream with higher vocals, they both use similar properties, the one thing you ALWAYS want to make sure you dont is sing and use your stomach muscles to produce volume, always pushing from your throat will kill your chords and shred them over time.

when I grown I get a gutteral sound when I use my muscles but it only adds to the depth, but the same goes for clean singing. and as transient said, using what some people call your " chest voice "

Chest voice will sound a little more airy but you can fine tune these problems by changing your intonation while holding a note. But practice at it, singing along with other clean vocals on your favorite cd's is a great way to develop a style and get the feel for clean singing.
Eventually once you explore your range, you can start singing along to Akerfeldt and people like Maynard keenan. juts takes practice, jsut like guitar or anything else.
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