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I'm still around but the Navy is asking a lot of me lately too. About some of the questions.

I did go over to the neighbors within a few minutes of DHL delivering it to them. Their address was posted on the tracking site the second they signed for the guitar as me; and the fact they signed for it pretending to be me but then told me minutes later they didn't know what I was talking really pissed me off. To bad the delivery dude didn't see that it was the wrong address too. I got the guitar within minutes of going back home to call DHL and tell them to come back and fix the problem. It was put by my front door while on the phone with DHL, so I didn't see who really put it there but the DHL dude came back 15 or more minutes later to ask if the very neighbors I had just talked with had given it to me. He said he was sorry for delivering it to the wrong house but what he didn't know was that I might have never got it if I didn't jump on the situation as soon as I did. The neighborhood I lived in was bad about having things disappear and these neighbors were the just the kind of people to just pawn the guitar too.

I can tell you that if the guitar didn't show up when it did that someone was going to get fucked up good. I would have gone to jail but I bet I would have got the guitar back just the same once the police came.

After that, I told Ran everything that happened with delivery and Customs and Ran now uses a different shipping company. No one else has had a problem yet either. Everyone on Metaltabs that has got one still had to pay a Customs tax fee but it wasn't as much as mine and only after they had the guitar.

Someday I might write a book about things like this but I don't think I will ever become as rich as $$$$$lica.

The guitar still plays as sweet as the day I got it. I have tried to wammy it out of tune while playing just to see how much it can take and it just slides right back to perfect tune I thank that on the great job Ran did with installing the Kahler bridge but the whole guitar is top quality.

And yes, I could have got it without the Ran label on the headstock, but I like it with the Ran label.
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