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Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
We're learning about drugs/alcohol in health class right now. YOU ALL ARE GONNA FUCK YOUR LIVES UP!

I took a course in health class during my freshmen year about drugs, not only did it exaggerate the dangers of pot like every health book does, ours was WRONG. It told us that pot raises blood pressure, yet it most definietly lowers your blood pressure, yet thats not always a good thing.

Also, our health/gym teacher was a fucking dousche bag. Our class was playing basketball one time, and one of the kids was playing fine and participating ect., and then when he was being good humored he laughed and the dousche health teacher said "HEY, STOP MAKING A MOCKERY OF THE GREAT GAME OF BASKETBALL, SIT DOWN!". Also, when we were playing kick ball at the end of the year, when he was telling us to get in position, he yelled stuff like "That's right, hurry it up, mac and cheese, salt and pepper, rock n' roll!"

What an idiot, he was some wannabe sports announcer
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