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Well last week the other guitarist in my band and myself split on a BOSS DR-880. It's the newest version of their "DR." series, and it's pretty fucking cool! So far i've programmed one whole song into it that our drummer couldn't learn, and i'm halfway through a second song.

My drummer recently told me he's planning to move into a house within 1/2 a year, so he'll be bringing his drums there and be able to practice pretty much any time he wants. If this happens, we'll probably keep him. The guy's pretty good, he only has about 2 1/2 years experience and the last year is once a week, but he can still play some Death tunes, Slayer, Despised Icon, we're working on Decapitated and Martyr songs right now. So we'll see what happens......if he still sucks, we can just resort to the DR. to handle the job!
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